007 THE BUYOUT: Corporations That Own Your Favorite Products

What if you couldn’t tell the difference between products? What if the product you thought you were buying was a different product all together? Different ingredients, different company, and packaging that was barely distinguishable from the product you had come to trust over the years. It happens…..more often than you think.

Corporate buyouts of our favorite products are happening at an astonishing rate! In this podcast, I'll discuss 2 popular products– Traumeel and Tom’s toothpaste. While they have completely different stories (Traumeel was started by a large corporation), the lack of transparency is the same.

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* Traumeel class action lawsuit 
Tom’s Toothpaste class action lawsuit 
Philip Howard, an Associate Professor at Michigan State, who is an expert in understanding our food system. Above is his chart Who Owns Organic.
Gary Erickson’s interview
on the new podcast HOW I BUILT THIS with Guy Raz.
BUYCOTT.COM – this app scans barcodes to find out the ownership of a company.
GMO Awareness has an extensive list on who's bought your favorite products.

TRAUMEEL can now be found online for about $25. Make sure you get the 100 g tube.

If you’d like to leave a question for the Health Store Rebel, send an email to healthstorerebel@gmail.com. You can download or listen to the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud.